Resident DJs

Dholi Paul V

The only thing that comes mind when he steps on the stage and hits the first beat on the Dhol is the impact he has on the audience in front of him.

He never fails to amaze the crowd each time he plays and you can never get enough of his rhythmic and dynamic beats – a sure thing to keep the crowd going till the early hours of the morning.

Doubling as an emcee, with the mic being his new best friend there is much more to Paul V than meets The Eye!

DJ Kevin J

Starting his journey in the entertainment line at the age of 15, he has become one of the most demanded Bollywood DJs in Singapore.

With 13 million views on his remix of Bom Diggy vs Mi Gente, he has the ability to read and play to any crowd in the world.

Performed Alongside: H Dhami, Bally Sagoo, Arjun(UK), PBN, DJ Suketu, Vishal & Shekar, Juggy D


Exposed to the Music industry at the age of 17, his first niche lay within Hip Hop and he was one of the few Indian DJs in Singapore to incorporate both Western and Eastern music.

He currently holds the Guinness World Record for the longest Club DJ Session Relay, unbreakable since 2014.

Performed alongside: Akon, Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan, Hema Malini, Dharmendra, Bobby deal, Sunny Leone, Sanu Nigam, Shaan, Sidesh Bhoshle, Juggy D, DJ Aqeel

Past Guest Djs

Punjabi MC
Harsh Bhutani
Josh (Band)
Juggy D
Rishi Rich
Akbar Sami
Ibiza Monkey Business
Hardh Bhutani
Amann Nagpal


+65 8922 7693


Friday : 10pm – 3am
Saturday and Eve of PH : 10pm – 4am


#01-201 Diners Club Building,
7500E Beach Rd, Singapore 199595